Ecology & Consultancy

Kingfisher works towards improving habitat, from woodland to moorland and everything in between, we have worked on many different projects over the past forty years that enable us to give sound advice in our consultancy service.

  • We can improve your approach to moorland habitat, both burning and cutting.
  • We can improve the performance of your pheasant, partridge and wild duck shoot.
  • We can put plans together that will help future deer control in rewilding areas.
  • We can advise on ponds for wildlife as well as for sporting purposes.
  • We can advise you on the machinery you already have, both the suitability and how to set it up for a specialised job.

Whether you are at the sharp end of grouse moor management, and wanting to maximise grouse production directly through improving moor burning/cutting plans, or you have some land you would like to develop for wildlife, we guarantee Kingfisher can help.