Heather Brash Collecting

Heather brash collecting is used in connection with peatland restoration work, this is vital as a follow up to profiling and covering bare peat, bags can be harvested in one place and then transported by helicopter or road to the restoration site.

Heather brash is reasonably light, as one ton of heather fills approximately 8 dumpy bags and one bag of brash contains a dry weight of 100kg of heather brash, this approximately covers 64 square metres of ground to a depth of 1cm, one bag takes one person 1/2hour to spread.

Although, the importance of clean cuts and no damage to the ground can’t be over emphasised, it is possible on the right ground and good conditions to bag 200 bags of brash per day.

One helicopter can carry up to 6-9 dumpy bags at a time, allowing brash to arrive quickly on site whilst fresh in the bags, before any decomposition can take place, this is very important to cut and move as soon as possible.

In addition to heather collecting our specialised machines are also capable of cutting and collecting wild flowers to help spread these special plant and flower species to aid pollinators and invertebrates.