Heather Cutting

What really sets Kingfisher apart from the rest?

  • We have been cutting heather over deep peat ground for many years on high altitude moors that struggle to get the necessary days heather burning due to the weather conditions.
  • Over forty years we have gained a vast experience to know not only what is required to help maintain healthy heather and wildlife but how it can be achieved sensitively (without damage to moorland and mountain habitats).
  • Now we are faced with the fact that burning is not allowed on heather moorland over 40cm of peat, which can be in some of the harshest terrain.
  • With our experience and specialised machinery there is not a problem we cannot solve
  • Damage and unsightly outcomes through incorrect application and techniques have resulted in major challenges for our team to correct in the short term. We are already seeing incorrect cutting taking place on many moors. Land managers need to understand this ground is precious and sensitive and a unprofessional or inexperienced contractor is not the easy answer.

We at Kingfisher have taken heather management to the next level in many ways, with a constant thinking out of the box approach and our close involvement with several scientific teams if and when needed, we work closely together to find the best solutions in many areas of our business, from heather cutting plans to rewilding projects, Kingfisher has a keen eye for ecology and benefits that can be made towards habitat and wildlife.

What our customers say

"Our estate has been using John Drummond and Kingfisher Forestry for the past ten years. John provides an excellent service with his background knowledge of upland management enabling to operate machinery on some of the harshest moorland terrain.

Whether it be cutting rushes, cutting blocks of heather for burning or cutting out whole blocks of heather, John is the man for the job"

Ian Sleightholm
Headkeeper, Bolton Estate